About Us

Bong Bong's Humble Beginnings in 1984

In 1981, Reynaldo "Bongbong" Villan worked as a helper in a bakery shop in Bacolod City. His skill in baking was very much apparent as he was tasked to take the place of the chief baker whenever the latter was not around. Unknown to Bongbong, these seemingly simple baking tasks entrusted to him, were the keys that would open greater opportunities for him.

Two years after his stint at the bakery, he met a co-worker who got a recipe for making “PIAYA.” This was eagerly shared to him, and soon he developed the recipe and came up with his own unique way of making the delicacy.

The big break came in 1984, when Bongbong, together with his wife, Ma. Lomer, decided to start their own home-based piaya business. With hard work and dedication, coupled with a good taste for what is “delicious” to the palate, the sole backyard food factory turned into one of the leading pasalubong centers in the country.

At present, BongBong’s has become synonymous with the word “pasalubong” and “piaya.” Tourists and locals flock the different branches of Bongbong’s just to savor the sweet and inviting taste of piaya, a flat unleavened bread filled with muscovado sugar, which has its own way of making individuals want for more.

Over time, BongBong’s has accumulated a host of awards such as the Pasalubong Center of the Year Award 2011, Healthy Workplace Award, Model Entrepreneur Award, and many more. It now has two factories, with one located at Bangga Pauline, Alijis, Bacolod City, and the other in La Carlota City, where huge quantities of piaya are produced daily to meet the growing demand for these sumptuous treats.