BongBong's Pasalubong Pack A FREE SHIPPING

A selection of Bong Bong's best selling products *** FREE SHIPPING ***

BongBong's Pasalubong Pack B FREE SHIPPING

An ultimate selection of Bongbong's best-selling delicacies. *** FREE SHIPPING ***

BongBong's Piaya Flat x10 Plain 380g

Bongbongs Special Piaya Flat Plain 10pcs /pack
₱90.00 ₱87.00

BongBong's Piaya Flat x10 Ube 380g

Bongbongs Special Piaya Flat Ube 10pcs /pack
₱99.00 ₱90.00

BongBong's Piaya Flat x5 Plain 190g

Bongbongs Special Piaya Flat Plain 5pcs /pack

BongBong's Piaya Flat x5 Ube 190g

Bongbongs Special Piaya Flat Ube 5pcs /pack

BongBong's Barquiron Big 360g

Barquiron Big 360g 46's

BongBong's Biscocho Big 383g

Biscocho Big 383g
₱133.00 ₱130.00

BongBong's Biscocho Small 180g

Biscocho Small 180g
₱78.00 ₱75.00

BongBong's Butterscotch 25pcs

Butterscotch x25
₱295.00 ₱290.00

BongBong's Butterscotch 9pcs

Butterscotch x9
₱117.00 ₱115.00

BongBong's Caramel Tart 20pcs

Caramel Tart 20pcs

BongBong's Caramel Tart 5pcs

Caramel Tart 5pcs

BongBong's Garlic Bread 180g

Garlic Bread 180g

BongBong's Macapuno Tart 6pcs

Macapuno Tart 6pcs

BongBong's Mango Tart 6pcs

Mango Tart 6pcs

BongBong's Special Otap Small 200g

Bongbongs Special Otap Small 200g

BongBong's Toasted Muffin 20pcs 100g

Toasted Muffin 20pcs 100g

BongBong's Toasted Muffins 50pcs 250g

Toasted Muffins 50pcs 250g

BongBong's Assorted Tarts (Pack of 4)

4 packs of Assorted Tarts (Mango, Caramel, Cheese and Macapuno)

BongBong's Piaya 10pcs - Plain (Pack of 6)

6 packs of Bongbongs Special Piaya Big 10pcs 380g - Plain.

BongBong's Special Otap Small 200g (Pack of 7)

7 packs of Bongbongs Otap Small 200g

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